OUR SPECIALTY: production and management festivities offering a variety of options that will make your event an exclusive event just for you.

Festivities company-families: Fun activities, creative workshops, entertainment shows for children, theater, speakers…

Organization of corporate events: We design a project tailored for your event in which we can offer a range of options tailored to your needs, offer from ideal for your celebration to energize the entire event with jazz, GOSPEL, tasting opera, swing, characterized comic characters and actors, taller de balls a la carta, storytelling for adults, speakers ... your idea based on an exclusive design.

Coaching for companies: It is a tool to help you find the most effective way to achieve business objectives reflected in an increase in sales, motivation, skills development ... are made using different techniques from the point of view playful and dynamic. Laughter Workshops: the sommriure and good humor are often small-big difference between a good business and bad business. With the·working, teamwork and creativity are beneficial for teams and can develop during a laughter therapy workshop, later helping groups to communicate more effectively. Assertiveness workshops for teams: social work skills for personal and professional success through group dynamics playful and artistic.

Technical Equipment: We put at your disposal an entire technical team that will advise the technical needs of your event: sound equipment, microfonia, screens, projectors, the·Lighting ...

What differentiates us is our custom work, offering methodologies that enable our clients to realize their custom events.