CIA. LA RESIDUAL, activities and entertainment environment

An environmental education project where the work manpulació waste creatively, transmitting a FOMA's the importance of education and care natural environment.

Toni Vila, The Residual director and environmental educator with experience of more than 25 years, pioner in the sector, creator of the project Ecomagina 1994 where he taught recycle waste home for toys i, after spending several years teaching recycling workshops working for councils, Making schools and adult education, al 2005 delves into the creation of The company Residual, a environmental education project promoted family activities and events related to the environment and reclicatge. He continues working on this project at state level and creating custom projects for companies and institutions.

Enter the menu and find the Residual all proposals offer: l'Ecojuga, l’Ecoxoc, The race of waste, the Parade…Fish production and its úlitma, The leisure park Mediterranean!