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The summer ends…les vacances ja queden enrere, for us it begins a new season of programs and new projects; we hope that this year will see again in your town or city, we'd meet again, share our activities and shows with you and if you are thinking about scheduling Halloween, the Autumn Festival, of Christmas, et convidem a que et posis en contacte amb nosaltres i et proposarem la millor opció per a tu.

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No Closed For Holiday!! If you need something…call :)

Dear customers,

A culture Activa & The Residual not close for holidays, so if you need some activity and / or animation, spectacle Deals, we are here to provide you the best option. Do not hesitate to contact us if they need.

Good summer! 

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Activities for this summer! belts, choose and contact us!

Are you looking for activities to schedule?...it is for the whole family?and is environmentally friendly?and is easy to program?and why people will love your town pipaaaa??Then you are in the right place!! Stir this website, Choose activities you like and contact us! We will be happy to get infrmar! We advise you according to what you need to program and offer the best option.




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FISH, Leisure park Mediterranean

Encara no coneixes la nova producció de La Residual?? fish, Leisure park Mediterranean, és un parc de jocs per a tota la família temtitzat en el mar i el seu entorn. Les famílies podran passar una súper estona pescant, netejant el mar de residus,  portant el peix a la botigueta, fent titelles, jugant amb el Sr. Popi molt més!!

no ho dubtis, és l’activitat per aquest estiu 😉

Demana’s informació a info@activalacultura.com o per teléfon al 930 155 366



Nou pack: Activities for Christmas

We prepare a complete pack, diverse and creative for your Christmas.

We have to play Christmas, so from Active Culture & The Residual prepare you pack a set of proposals at a special price because you have a quality program. You have time to hire this offer until next Friday 17 November, paris not read!

Activity pack: Ecojuga

1-. Enjoy with8 games with reused material, for the whole family, both large and small, play with different games around the world and learn how we can reuse the waste material with what we have available more.

The activity is boosted by technical Enables Culture & La Residual.

duration: 1 hour

Pack Taller: to choose between tambourines, Father Christmas or lanterns

2-.  Pots choose between workshops Caga Tio, Or tambourines Christmas Lanterns to welcome the holidays. All workshops are conducted from the creative manipulation of waste!

All materials necessary to carry out the workshop is included in the final price of the pack.

The workshop responsible for drive activity.

duration: 1 hour

Animation pack: family show for young and old

3-. -Clou party dancing and singing to the rhythm of music with a animation which will participate the whole family. dances, songs and games where children and adults will have fun cute!

Led by a professional.

duration: 1 hour

final Price: 1.350,00 € + 21% VAT*

*This price includes all pack; activity, and children's animation workshop.

**L’acitivitat, workshop and animation can be both indoors and outdoors.


The offer of the pack will run until next Friday 17 November!

Do not escapes!

  • If you want a different proposal
  • If you want cultural activities
  • If you value creativity and quality
  • This is your pack!


To receive more information about this particular promotion:


Telephone +34 930 155 366

Mobile / Whatsapp +34699 033 902 / 645 402 579

link the ofert

link a web



Robots get to the Super Festival

This weekend, 21 i 22 October, Robots await you at the Super Celebration!

Robots, CIA activity. La Residual

Robots, CIA activity. La Residual

The Super Fiesta is one of the most crowded living Barcelona this weekend October. We will bring Robots, a game where participants must rebuild an android specific techniques using different tools to col·Place the pieces without touching any part of the robot hands. Also ensure that all participants have a motivation to see who builds the robot before, doing a little competition. The aim of the game is enhance wit, manual power and perceptive destressa considering promoting teamwork.
It is a collective game·large group where maybe some particiapció 30 both girls and girls.

We are in the tent Healthcare, Saturday from 10am to 14pm 21, and Sunday from 10am to 18pm 22 October.

Anima’t! participates in the festival!

Download the file of the Robots

For more information about Robots, you can call

(0034) 930 155 366

or send an email to info@activalacultura.com